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The Social Brain


"Ever since the Industrial Revolution, an engineering mindset has dominated management thinking, making it easy for managers to forget that, ultimately, productive work is human. This wonderful book reminds us that businesses are also biological and social: created by living beings who can – and want to – transcend individual capacity with collective intelligence. It could not be more timely, wise and useful."


Margaret Heffernan

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The Social Brain at Work is the result of a long standing partnership between Oxford Evolutionary Psychologist, Robin Dunbar and Leadership and Organisational specialists, Tracey Camilleri and Sam Rockey. The book combines scientific research with interviews with over forty people, leading in diverse environments – government, orchestras, theatre, medicine, military, business and design, to name a few.

The pay-off will be the creation of organisations that the next generation will thrive in - where work is decent, purposeful and enjoyed and where each person gets to express their individual talent in work that matters. As the historian Theodore Zeldin said to us, “Can we not start experiments to offer something better to young people? Isn’t this the real purpose of business?”

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