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Team Development

Our team development and dynamics work is based on our trademarked Thrive Model. Our Thrive Model is the result of decades’ worth of research combined with the practical experience of what helps groups thrive.

Our team development work uses the 6 elements of thriving found in the book “The Social Brain: The Psychology of Successful Groups” written by Professor Robin Dunbar and our co-founders.

Our team development approach


Our team diagnostic is a way for a new or established team to identify the elements of our trademarked Thrive Model that need specific attention to ensure psychological safety, social health and individual thriving.


We work closely with teams to help them put in place those foundations needed for the team to thrive – this can be through team dynamics facilitation, learning modules or team coaching support.


We work closely with teams to help them agree and commit to a set of team principles and ambitions that aligns with the team’s purpose.

Bespoke team development learning

Our team development learning is designed precisely for each client and can range from half a day to 3 days. We deliver our team development learning in locations that suit our clients.

Our team development learning can include team coaching, virtual workshops and team away days.

Team development consulting

We partner with our clients to help design team development approaches that fast-track and optimise team performance and impact. We help teams to think about their optimum size in relation to task - and what to do when things aren’t working well. We offer team diagnostics based on the Thrive Model – this is adjusted according to the client need.

Coaching for team development

We work with new and established teams to help them achieve their purpose and ambition and to ensure each team member thrives. Our team coaching approach focuses on highlighting team dynamics, identifying helpful and unhelpful behaviours, recognising the impact of individual interactions and helping identify productive and supportive practices that create safety and help deliver performance.

Our Thriving Teams workshops

We have identified 6 elements for teams to thrive. We bring each element alive through our 6 Thriving Teams workshops. These learning modules are an opportunity to bring new and established teams together, with each module bringing years of research and practice to life in practical and engaging ways. Our learning modules are designed to support teams to develop new skills and, at the same time, provide an opportunity for meaningful connection.


Establishing the conditions for trust.
Build strong personal relationships and bonds of trust.


Building a sense of belonging.
Ensure equal participation and cultivate true affinity.


Values in action.
Embrace shared standards and principles.


Putting purpose into practice.
Clearly articulate collective ambition to shape the future.


Embracing a shared culture.
Develop habits, ways of working and behaviour that build and maintain a shared sense of identity.


Living learning.
Welcome new ideas, be open to challenge and opportunity.

“The Programme created a ‘wake-up’ moment resulting in the Circular Economy and the Sustainable Development Agenda being much more ‘front’ and ‘centre’ of strategy and thinking.”

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your exceptional contributions to our recent Berkeley retreat. Your efforts in securing excellent external speakers, skilfully coordinating events, and fostering insightful discussions were invaluable. Your dedication played a pivotal role in the success of the retreat, contributing significantly to the reinvigoration and alignment of our team. The energy and enthusiasm you helped maintain over long days did not go unnoticed. Thank you once again for your commitment and outstanding work".

Head of Economics, Rio Tinto


Transformational storytelling: Leadership retreat for Rio Tinto

The Challenge

Our brief was to help a global group of senior economists with a technical background – used to working with spreadsheets and scenarios – to become more confident to tell stories of the future and to inspire their audiences to make transformational changes, particularly as regards new energy.

The Outcome

The retreat provided the chance for a far-flung global team to come together to think, enjoy one another’s company, connect and take steps towards new ways of working. The client valued the excellent faculty, insightful discussions and smooth event coordination.  According to the Chief Economist, the retreat reinvigorated the team and bolstered team alignment.

Interested in our thriving teams methodology?

Would you like to optimise your team dynamics for team thriving? We would love to discuss how you can fast track team impact. Discover how activating the 6 elements of thriving teams can unlock the potential for thriving.

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