Connection comes in circles, not rows.


We help develop the leaders who build thriving organisations

We envisage a world where thriving workplace cultures are the norm, where everybody expresses their full human potential and makes a meaningful difference.

We help develop leaders who are skilled at focusing on what matters most at work.

Leaders who create environments of thriving, who develop those around them, who understand the power of our human gifts and are prepared to challenge unhelpful behaviour.

Leaders who thrive themselves, knowing that their own quality of energy has an impact on their teams.

Leaders who understand what drives and motivates people. They are confident to lead with purpose and attuned to the human dynamics that arise in all groups.

“What makes Thompson Harrison different is they really listen, they really probe and they are willing and able to tailor interventions and programmes as a consequence.”

- Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Europe and International

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Room To Learn

We have had some recent conversations with groups who are considering office moves or redesigns as they think about their social strategies upfront. In the light of these exchanges, I read Priya Parker’s helpful book “The Art of Gathering” and re-read Stewart Brand’s 1990s classic “How Buildings Learn”. The latter begins with an observation that rings true for 2024:

“Between the world and our idea of the world is a fascinating kink. Architecture, we imagine, is permanent. And so our buildings thwart us. Because they discount time, they misuse time.”

“In 4 days’ work we got a year’s worth of culture.”

Stephen Catlin, Chairman and CEO of Convex Insurance

“In 4 days’ work we got a year’s worth of culture.”

Stephen Catlin, Chairman and CEO of Convex Insurance

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Our Thinking

Our work in Thompson Harrison is based on rigorous research, proven approaches, deep understanding of human dynamics and practical applicability.
Here, we share what we’ve been interested in - other’s thoughts, our own thoughts, what we’ve heard and more.

Attitudes and experiences of Gen-Z at work

Feedback, Friendships and Fun

Our work is about reimagining workplaces of the future so that the individuals, teams, and societies in which they operate thrive. Interested in how young people might be engaging with their places of work and the assumptions about Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012 and new to the workplace), we researched their attitudes and experiences in the workplace.
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