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What We Do

At Thompson Harrison we believe that companies thrive when people do. Our work helps clients to understand the art and the science behind successful groups.

  • We provide bespoke consultancy services.


  • We design and direct innovative leadership programmes.


  • We work with boards and senior executive teams to help them work together more effectively.


  • We design creative learning experiences that include the latest thinking.


  • We are pragmatic, impact focused and we enjoy working in partnership.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

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Thompson Harrison Programmes

Thompson Harrison is a London-based organisational and leadership development consultancy that brings together academic rigour, cutting edge research and deep pragmatism to support our clients in building and sustaining world class organisations. We have a global footprint, working across industries and geographies enabling individual, team and organisational thriving. We are known for:

Leadership Development

Team Development



Cultural Change

Organisational Design

Every person needs to demonstrate leadership in a thriving organisation

A vibrant team is more than the sum of its parts

Everyone can be challenged

and supported to find their own solutions

Every organisation needs external provocation to make better decisions

Culture must evolve as strategy does

Well-designed organisations accelerate performance and purpose

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