Improved Performance through shared Culture

“It was probably the best thing I did last year. It was an invigorating, positive piece of work. It did exactly what it needed to do. It was very collaborative, we co-designed. They truly listened.”

Organisational Development and Effectiveness Director.

The challenge

We were asked to lead a culture change project for the operations department of a leading UK financial services business. This entailed conducting Culture Web workshops across the operations department and across different regions and sites for 150 employees.

The outcome

The result was a co-created culture roadmap for the business. This year-long roadmap has been implemented across the business, creating a shared culture, clarity of the tenets of a high-performance culture and a commitment to a shared purpose in the operations department.

Project Lead

Sam Rockey

Dr Gavin Weeks


Culture Change


Organisation Development

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Our approach

The culture change workshops were designed around the ‘Culture Web’ (Johnson and Scholes) as the preferred methodology. Each three-hour workshop included opportunities to connect with colleagues, to provide insights as to the preferred culture and to contribute to the overall culture roadmap.

Listening exercises

Developing a culture roadmap was important for an organisation that had gone through a series of mergers and acquisitions resulting in a fragmented and incoherent corporate culture. The new CEO and head of operations wanted a culture change programme that began by listening to the employees in the organisation and by inviting changes and shifts that could be brought in to enhance a high-performance culture. Over 150 employees across different regions and sites participated in a series of exploratory workshops.

Across the board

We developed a set of workshops involving people from the leadership team through to early-career professionals. This gave everyone the opportunity to provide insight into the current and aspirational culture within the organisation. We facilitated this workshop in 3 cities and 300 employees attended.

Connecting and exploring

The design of the workshop encouraged conversation and connection between employees, giving them the opportunity to go beneath the surface of the culture - exploring ways of working, stories, reward systems, and organisational dynamics.

150 employees from across units, functions and businesses were able to engage meaningfully, build connections and provide their own insight for an improved experience.”

150 employees from across units, functions and businesses were able to engage meaningfully, build connections and provide their own insight for an improved experience.”


Following the 6-week workshop process we analysed data and feedback themes and provided a detailed, business-focused review of the culture.

Culture blueprint

Using our ‘Thrive’ model, we built a ‘blueprint’ for the future culture to enable more connection, focus, and impact.

High-performance culture

A year-long roadmap was implemented across the business. The Head of Operations has implemented the culture roadmap as a way of building a desired culture. The ‘new’ culture is beginning to help shift the fragmented, multiple cultures into a more focused high-performance culture.

Our insights

Through smart design and delivery, over 150 employees were able to participate in co-creating a Culture Blueprint. According to the Head of OD, engagement went up significantly as a result and the culture change programme initiated the beginning of the turnaround in the organisation.

“We knew things were going ok when we heard laughter coming through the ceiling of the stone hall.”

Tracey Camilleri

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