What we do

It is the place of leadership to design environments within which human beings can continue to thrive. As such, we work with leaders and their organisations in a number of ways including:


Using an organisational diagnostic designed by Thompson Harrison, in partnership with Oxford University’s Professor Robin Dunbar, get to the heart of the very human essence within an organisation. 

Organisational Constellations (Systemic Mapping)

This approach is a simple way of discovering the hidden dynamics that exist in an organisation by using a diagnostic that shines a fresh light on existing issues. With this visual and participative way of engaging in systems thinking, a different perspective and insight is revealed by working with the dynamics and energy in the system itself.

The Rethink Tank

This 3 to 4-day residential learning experience is designed to help the senior leadership team implement meaningful and important changes to the way their organisation works. It is invaluable time of broader exposure and reflection. 

Contextual Due Diligence

Through local and virtual visits by world-class external experts, fresh new thinkers, consumers and customers, an organisation gains valuable external context. This may take the form of immersion days, masterclasses, experiential activities and regular workshops.


The Praxis phase uses the energy and commitment of people within the organisation to sign up and move in a new direction. By engaging with those who are keen to drive change, the whole organisation can be challenged to think and behave differently.


In partnership with change agents, Thompson Harrison develops the in-house capabilities to support change so that the organisation continues to evolve in the most sustainable way.

Facilitation and Coaching

With extensive skills in senior team facilitation, leadership and coaching, Thompson Harrison offers a range of workshops.

Leadership Development Strategy and Framework

Thompson Harrison partners with organisations to build the necessary leadership development frameworks to deal with current- and future business demands and needs, thereby ensuring they remain both relevant and responsive.