Thompson Harrison

Thompson Harrison is a London-based leadership and organisational development consulting business. We work mostly in the USA, Africa and Europe, in conjunction with a broad associate network.

We bring experience, expertise and a uniquely creative approach together to offer a highly-specialised leadership and organisation development consultancy. Skilled at designing successful ways to embrace new ideas and remain dynamic, Thompson Harrison works with senior leaders and their teams to transform their organisation in response to a fluid context and a changing set of stakeholder expectations. 

Thompson Harrison was founded by Tracey Camilleri and Samantha Rockey. We work with a range of practitioners, academics and experts, from across many disciplines, including philosophy, psychology and behavioural economics.

We can help you with:

Diagnostic - Will your organisation survive the 4IR?

Thompson Harrison, in partnership with Oxford University’s Professor Robin Dunbar, has designed an organisational diagnostic that gets to the heart of the very human experience within an organisation. 

Problem Solving using Organisational Constellations (Systemic Mapping)

Constellations or Systemic Mapping is a simple way of discovering the hidden dynamics that exist in an organisation, by using a diagnostic that shines a new light on old problems. This approach is a visual and participative way of engaging in systems thinking. It provides a different perspective and insight by working with the dynamics and energy in the system itself.

The Rethink Tank

The Rethink Tank is an immersive experience for senior leaders to find the time and place to step back together,
to share a collective pause and to reconnect with their prime purpose. It broadens frames of reference and through shared learning, builds trust and leads to a new collective approach to tackling the most stymieing of challenges facing the organisation.


By tapping into the energy and commitment of like-minded people within an organisation, a collective movement can evoked. The Praxis phase works with the grain, using the right people, to undertake this new direction.

Contextual Due Diligence

By bringing innovators and new thinkers into the organisation, leaders are encouraged to rethink how they engage with both their customers and consumers. This may be through a variety of mechanisms, such as master classes, workshops, experiential activities and curated conversations.


Working alongside change agents within an organisation, Thompson Harrison will develop the in-house capability needed to continue changing and evolving. This maintenance work is essential to sustainable leadership development.

Leadership Development Strategy and Framework

Organisations are continuously under pressure to adjust, refresh and update their leadership development strategy and framework to meet current and future business needs. The greatest challenge for leadership development in any organisation is to remain relevant and responsive. Thompson Harrison partners with organisations to build agile leadership development frameworks.

Facilitation and Coaching

We are skilled in senior team facilitation, leadership coaching and tutoring. We also offer a range of workshops including:

Organisational Constellations
Myers–Briggs Workshops
Leadership Stylesbe

Tracey and Sam together are able to design ways for senior leaders to think about the future in new and unimagined ways and then to work with them to get their organisation into that place. Their sweet spot is helping leaders make sense of a complex world by exposing them to leading thinkers and ideas and then focusing on the pragmatic implementation of these ideas. Their approach is invigorating and fresh and stands out from traditional leadership programmes.
— Annabelle de Groot, AB Inbev Business Unit President, West Africa
Tracey is highly skilled in building bespoke leadership programmes using her extensive experience and knowledge in this field. The passion, energy and fresh thinking she provides to both individuals and companies during their leadership journey is a refreshing change. Her style is engaging and personable but she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. I would highly recommend working with Tracey.
— Charlotte Myers, Director, Lloyd’s Market Association Academy, Lloyd’s of London
Sam has the unique ability to try new and innovative approaches to help leaders unlock their full potential, while ensuring there is a practical application back in the business. She understands her client’s needs and their business, so that she can unlock her vast network of resources to deliver the very best program. And, she does all of this with her engaging, personable, charismatic and down to earth style.
— Paul Verdu, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Tenth and Blake Beer Company, Craft and Import Division of MillerCoors
In a multitude of engagements from executive development to strategic planning, Tracey has demonstrated her talents, her intellect, her flexibility and her discretion. She is innately curious and a continuous and voracious learner, leading to knowledge and relationships with people truly on the cutting edge of research and development in diverse areas. She is an extraordinary professional.
— Mary Crego, Former Senior Vice President, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company