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Webinars & Films

Webinar I: The Art & Science of Thriving at Work

In this webinar, the first in our series, we gave a taste of some of the research, experience and science behind our book The Social Brain, written in collaboration with Oxford evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar. We explored how best to:

  • Retain top talent

  • Develop inspirational leaders

  • Have difficult conversations

  • Make hard decisions

Webinar II: Growing by Numbers

  • Why is there a limit to the number of relationships we can have at any one time?

  • How do you scale productive relationships? 

  • What is the tipping point between ‘we’ and ‘us and them’?

  • Why is team size crucial?

  • How do leadership practices need to shift according to group size?

  • Why does all this matter?

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Social Brain Waves with Tracey Camilleri
Episode 1


During our explorations to understand the implications of group size, we discovered that not only does optimum team size vary according to task but that effective leadership style also flexes as group size increases. We identified four distinct leadership styles outlined below in this short video. Do we develop future leaders sufficiently to be able to practise them all?

Social Brain Waves with Sam Rockey
Episode 2

What do free riders; homophily; and the dark triad traits have in common? In this short video Samantha Rockey co-founder of Thompson Harrison and co-author with Tracey Camilleri and Robin Dunbar of 'The Social Brain: the Psychology of Successful groups' talks about the psychology of *unsuccessful* groups in the second of our Social Brainwaves series.

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