Praxis works with people inside the organisation to prepare for and drive sustainable change.

Praxis shifts the focus from the external to internal. The role of the leader is to connect, persuade and encourage people to mobilise a movement of change. In this respect, there is a need to listen to new voices from within the organisation and to pay attention to different quarters. The work of the Praxis phase is more organic because it involves convening, facilitating, connecting and challenging people within the organisation to use their energy and talents in new ways. At times, it involves bringing the outside in and taking the inside out. This approach draws on the experience of starting and sustaining movements. Movements are non-hierarchical and work largely with a shared vision; effectively deploying local knowledge and enabling their members to understand how to mobilise groups. The Praxis phase works with the grain, using the energy and commitment of the people within the organisation to sign up and move in the new direction.