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TH Culture-Ed

"In 4 days' work we got a year's worth of culture."
Stephen Catlin, Chairman and CEO of Convex Insurance

A joyful learning festival for large groups wishing to reconnect, celebrate their culture and share an unforgettable learning experience. 

Convex UNited logo.jpeg

250 members of Convex Insurance ltd dance together to form their company logo at Convex United in 2021

Thompson Harrison focuses on the psychology of thriving, high performing groups. 

For many of us working in hybrid environments, face-to-face time has been squeezed. Relationships at work have suffered. The trust and incidental learning that comes from being together in one space has diminished.

Wise leaders make use of the flexibility offered by virtual working while at the same time making face-to-face time as impactful as possible. 

Culture-Ed brings together a unique blend of immersive learning, cultural celebration and meaningful connection. 

The Six Environments for Human Thriving at Culture-Ed

Abstract Waves


- Suitable for groups of up to 500
- Designed to delight and inform everyone, whether       Chief Executive or new recruit
- Powered by science and shaped by art

Thompson Harrison draws on its 'Collective' of leading academics, theatre directors, conductors, comedians, psychologists, designers, filmmakers and magicians to produce a learning festival that no one will forget. The impact of research-led, immersive, shared experience produces long lasting results.

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