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Gary Clarke

Gary Clarke is an accomplished corporate leader who believes people are the driving force for positive change for society and our planet. He has worked in business for over 30 years, leading and developing teams across different countries and continents, creating unique cultures, designing winning strategies, consistently delivering on what is required in business by focussing on HOW.  Innovative and at times unconventional but always effective, Gary puts people at the heart of business and provides an environment where they can release their infinite potential. In 2021 Gary founded 360Resolve, a company providing individual coaching and unique team experiences. He collaborates with global partners he had the benefit of learning from during his career. Gary is also passionately involved with Economics of Mutuality and tutors with Oxford University Said Business School to deliver their Exec Ed program. This next exciting phase is in pursuit of his purpose: supporting others to bring their untapped potential to collectively solve the complex challenges of today so future generations can live on a planet that provides a better future for all of us.

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