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Dr. Reima Shakeir

Dr. Reima Shakeir, is an international scholar, author and executive focused on improving diversity/ access and belonging for all with a focus on minorities from marginalised communities. Reima thrives at the intersection of sociology, communication and leadership. Reima has coached execs in strategic impactful communication for over 15 years. Reima has developed an intersectional leadership framework to coach leaders to navigate organizations and multiple stakeholder expectations in a timely and impactful way.

Communication is about connection and leaders who are able to harness narrative are able to direct outcomes. Leaders find themselves flooded with data. Seeking historical truth is vital to good decision-making. Yet, as you grow into leadership positions, you’ll spend most of your time communicating about the future state others need to create with you. Communicating data shapes our future truth—our future facts. Communicating it well is central to shaping a future. Pulling on narrative and diving deep into subjects as disparate as social psychology, linguistics, social anthropology, musical theory, and market strategy, Reima uses a systems’ thinking bespoke intervention to catalyse all these elements for authentic leadership called the Decolonial Imaginarium.

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