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Designing Office Incursions*

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

We have spent many years designing creative and provocative retreats for senior leaders who needed to step out of the office so they could think and draw breath. But here we are at the start of 2022 finding that the dynamic has been reversed. The question we hear now is – how to step back in?

So, rather than retreats – we are designing office-based incursions*: generative gatherings that bring people together to learn, to connect and to enjoy one another’s company after so long apart.

In that spirit we brought together the Thompson Harrison collective at the Makerversity in Somerset House on The Strand – itself a place of collaboration and magic. We spent the day in the heady company of a collective of inventors, lum

enologists, narrativists, psychologists, improvisers, historians, writers, movers, shakers, cabinet of curiosity makers, economists, film-makers, actors, leadership and culture experts.

We are all enjoying working with those imaginative clients who are grappling with the challenges of the moment. How best to support their people and help structure hybrid working environments to enable human thriving? The refusal simply to go back to the old ways is bearing fruit.

Working together with our clients to shape gentle, provocative, impactful office-based incursions is one of the early joys of 2022.

*Shout out to John Willshire

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