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Ghost Lights - The Podcast

Welcome to Ghost Lights from Thompson Harrison Hosted by Tracey Camilleri and Sam Rockey Exploring how leaders can build ‘human-shaped organisations’ by learning from the humanities – that repository of all that is most human. Join Tracey, Sam and their guests as they reimagine ways of creating enabling corporate and institutional environments within which everyone - from the most senior to the youngest recruit - can learn and thrive. They consider leadership at an angle rather than head-on – looking through the lens of philosophy, literature, art, history, psychology for new insights, language and approaches. In each episode they will host a leading thinker or practitioner from the humanities, and reflect together on how their experience and wisdom can have relevance to those leading organisations through the pandemic.


Toxic Charisma
Jon Stokes

The New Frontier for Great Organisations
Dr Reima Shakeir

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Weaving Supply Chain Magic
Ramatu Abdulkadir


AI, Ethics, Oceans, The Metaverse, and Talking with Whales
Bryce Goodman

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The Dynamics of Power
Robert Rowland Smith

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Re-Imagining Leadership
Shruthi Vijayakumar

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The Optimism Addict 
Thami Schweichler

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A Call to Radical Pragmatism
 Enaam Ahmed-Ali

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Reading Between the Lines
Ben Morgan

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Lifelong Learning and Doing
Dr. Alistair Mokoena


The Joys of the "Not to Do" List
Kathryn Bishop

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The Transforming Power of Creativity
Samenua Sesher

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An Impatient Desire to Change the Status Quo
Dr. Yoge Patel

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At Any Moment Everything Can Change
Dr. Margaret Heffernan


Leonardo, Lock-down and Lateral Thinking
Martin Kemp

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Leadership during the pandemic - a philosopher's perspective Robert Rowland Smith


What makes us human?
Robin Dunbar

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