Systemic Mapping

The visualisation of the organisational culture issues was incredible.
— Senior Executive at large FMCG

In an organisation setting, systemic mapping is a visual and participative way of solving complex problems. The process provides a different approach to traditional problem solving because participants work with the dynamics within the system, rather than trying to solve the problem intellectually. This valid form of thinking, often under utilised in the workplace, shines a new light on old problems. 

Systemic mapping (or constellation practice) can help identify key organisational challenges in a different way and can highlight issues which traditional approaches often can’t. The process is simple yet deeply efficient and in a 2-3 hour workshop, a complex problem can be looked at in an entirely fresh way. The issue holder (or person with the issue) leaves the session with new insights, new ideas and new approaches to problems that may have felt stymieing for some time.