It was a combination of luck and recognition that our different approaches could be brought together to design something meaningful for the Academy.

Read about the importance
(or non-importance) of saying Thank You. 

We expect help from close relationships — family and friends, but especially family,” said Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at Oxford University, who was not involved with the study. “That we take that help for granted is indeed interesting, because it risks putting such relationships under strain.
— Robin Dunbar

Reinventing Leadership.
Yes, Really.

by Stuart Crainer

The lesson in terms of transformation is that often people think of organisational transformation at a very meta level, as a big, sweeping change. But it starts with individuals. It’s about building up the movement of change one person at a time.
— Samantha Rockey

Insights into Behavioural Science

Interest in behavioural science has risen significantly over the past decade with industries as diverse as finance, energy and media, using its insights to improve resilience, innovation and leadership development. Take up in HR, however, has been slower, with many professionals unsure where to begin or how to apply behavioural science insights in their own organisations.
— CIPD, 2017

The Human Side of Transformation

In the context of the world’s third biggest corporate takeover by AB InBev of SAB Miller, Sam Rockey shares with Merryck & Co her learnings and the challenges faced by leaders in the midst of a major transformation.
— Merryck, September 2017

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