The Thompson Harrison Team will share their must-read or listen to book/pod recommendations.


‘Hello World’ by Hannah Fry

‘If you are interested in algorithms and how the digital world really works, then this excellent book written by Hannah Fry and shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize, is the book for you. Increasingly our clients are asking us go help them go behind the digital curtain and this is a practical and helpful start. It reminded me a bit of Malcom Gladwell’s Tipping Point - a wonderful read’ Sam Rockey

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Prosperity by Colin Mayer

Another day, another article about how corporations are contributing to the destruction of the environment, the fragmenting of social systems and the contribution to an ever growing list of social ills. Colin Mayer’s book brings some hope though. With a focus on the positive contribution that corporations can make, Colin explores some practical ways that corporations can turn their focus beyond purely financial measures into a much more positive and generative impact. With purpose at the centre that goes beyond only creating shareholder value, corporations have the potential to build and contribute to social, human and natural capital. Colin’s book is a wonderful look back at the history of corporations and also reviews how corporations developed so differently across different countries. An accessible if somewhat dense exploration of the corporation of the future - this book opened my eyes to the hugely positive contribution that corporations can make to a more sustainable and human world. To quote the FT ‘Mayer is a believer. Despite the great gobs of gloom he dispenses about some aspects of the global corporate economy, his book is a resounding paean and radical road map towards a bright future for the corporation and capitalism.’ I couldnt’t have said it better myself. Sam Rockey