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Executive Team Builder

At  a time when many boards are welcoming more diversity into their membership and working out how best to balance hybrid and face to face working to maximise their effectiveness, Thompson Harrison offers its Executive Team Builder system.  This approach is  derived from the research behind their upcoming book, The Social Brain: The Psychology of Successful Groups, written in partnership with evolutionary  Psychologist, Professor Robin Dunbar.  The Executive Team Builder  involves 4  x 4 hour workshops over 18 months, designed to coincide with regular meetings.

The workshops help boards and senior teams to:

Work even more effectively as a team

Executive Team Builder Structure

Workshop 1

  • Dashboard Survey: Facilitated Discussion re priorities and mandate

  • Board Best Practice

  • Draft Charter

Workshop 3

  • Bringing the Outside In: Top of Mind for Boards

  • Leadership Skills

  • Structuring productive discussions

Workshop 2

  • Pre- Mortem – Reflective Practice

  • The Psychology of Successful Teams

  • Communication : Beyond the Board

Workshop 4

  • Systemic Mapping

  • Accountability and Measuring Progress

  • Designing a mutual support system

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